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Diabetes is a national problem and is rising substantially. Better management of diabetes can play an important role in the reduction of risk and complications of diabetes e.g. eye disease, kidney failure, stroke, heart disease, foot ulcers and amputation.  The CCG and partners are part of a successful roll-out of the national diabetes prevention programme (NDPP) and we have exceeded NHS England’s initial expectations with regard to uptake levels nationally and outcomes such as weight loss. Lifestyle advice over a number of weeks is offered to those identified by general practice as being at risk of developing diabetes and who have self–referred following information being provided by their local GP. Roll out is progressing well and we have experienced exceptionally good response in Skipton, Ilkley and Silsden. All GP practices now have plans in place to roll out by the end July 2018.  For example in Keighley an Urdu speaking health trainer has now been recruited and there are women only sessions as part of the Keighley GP practice roll out.

A successful bid to NHS England’s national transformation fund has resulted in £600,000 new investment in 2017/18 and implementation of initiatives to improve patient outcomes in the following areas: diabetic inpatient services; foot care; treatment targets; and structured education

We are beginning to shape and design a new model of care for diabetes services within Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven and the outline model and new pathways have been agreed for podiatry, primary care and specialist care.  Introducing this new model approach will help improve outcomes for patients and provide care in a more integrated way.

Star ratings

Structured education

2 star

Two stars - similar to the English average

Attendance for people with a new diagnosis of diabetes is low across England and locally we have a similar result with just 7 out of every 100 attending.

We are working hard to make improvements in the way we provide structured education for people recently diagnosed and we are encouraging more people to take up the offer of life changing health and lifestyle advice.

A Diabetes Steering Group involving a range of stakeholders has been pivotal in leading work intended to reduce the incidence of diabetes and to improve diabetes care and outcomes for individuals.

National transformation funding is being used to increase capacity within local structured education programmes for people with a new diagnosis of diabetes in the previous 12 months.

3 recommended treatment levels

1 star

One star - worse than the English average

Good control of blood pressure, cholesterol and HbA1c (sugar) is important. However, only 7 out of 20 people with diabetes have good control of all three. We need to make improvements.

National transformation funding is being used to support improvements in patient outcomes by improving the proportion of people whose treatments ranges fall within NICE recommended treatment targets.