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Self-care and prevention

Working across Bradford district and Craven the self-care and prevention programme is being delivered in partnership with the NHS, Bradford Council, North Yorkshire County Council, Craven District Council and the Voluntary Sector.

Our work has two main objectives:

The first is for people who live in the area to understand what self-care means and have the skills, confidence and tools for managing and taking control of their own health and wellbeing.

The second is for staff working in health, social care and voluntary organisations to understand what self-care means and be skilled and confident and have the tools they need to activate people in their own care.

We are promoting cultural change through integration of self-care and prevention approaches at individual, group and community levels by activating staff, patients and communities. This year it has involved:

Staff and public engagement have been successful with people from across our area participating in training and workshops.

This has led to increased participation in falls prevention week in October 2017 and self-care week in November 2017 with coverage in the local press and social media.

These brought together local partners from health, council and the voluntary and independent sector all having conversations with hundreds of local people encouraging them take up the Make One Change Challenge.

Memorable moments for staff and the public were flash mob dances of the Hokey Cokey in Skipton and Keighley to demonstrate that healthy activity could be fun! 

Health and social care leaders have embraced the Self Care ethos and this has been evident in contributions to the redesign of care models taking place within Three Communities One System model.

The community models have identified care navigation with some emphasis on Social Prescribing to act as an interface for patients and service users accessing Health and Care services. The emerging models promote Self Care by supporting local people and enabling them to become more active in their own care.

Local Primary Care Partnerships have actively included Social Prescribers in their Primary Care Teams, strengthening affiliations between Care Navigators / Social Prescribers with GP practices.

Future intentions to develop these services, including implementation of the West Wakefield Model of Care Navigation as part of the GP Five Year Forward View. We are also carrying out a pilot of Evergreen Life's social prescription app which enables patients looking to actively self-care.

Star ratings

Health related quality of life for people with long term conditions has improved slightly compared to the previous year.

Self-reported wellbeing

84.7% of people using social care receive self-direct support

70.7%  of people feel supported to manage their condition

76% of people who use services have control over their daily lives

16.9% of people using social care are receiving direct payments