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The map below shows the location of our GP practices. You can also look for practices within Bradford City CCG and Bradford Districts CCG areas.

The easiest way to register with a new GP practice is to find the service closest to your home by using the NHS Choices services finder to find your nearest service. You will then need to contact the practice to find out if they are accepting registrations for new patients.

If you are unable to register with a practice you can contact the West Yorkshire area team on 0113 825 2700 or by email and they will allocate you to the GP practice of your choice. If you live in North Yorkshire, you will need to contact the North Yorkshire and Humber area team on 0113 825 1986 or by email

GP practices in Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven CCG:

Clinic / Health CentreCategoryAddressPostcodeContact