Castleberg Hospital

Published on 06/06/2017 at 12:45pm


Castleberg Hospital provided intermediate care services and end-of-life (palliative) care to people living in the Craven district (including Bentham).  The service was provided by Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.

Intermediate care is an umbrella term for a range of integrated services designed to provide:

  • an alternative to hospital admission
  • a way to support early discharge from hospital
  • rehabilitation to promote independence and avoid long-term care.

Following ongoing issues with the power supply and heating, the Trust was no longer confident that the hospital building was safe for inpatient care, or for staff’s health and wellbeing on the Harden ward, and made a decision to withdraw services.  The hospital closed on an interim basis on 13 April 2017.

What’s happening now?

No new patients are being admitted to Castleberg; our aim is to support people to be cared for at home or as close to home as possible.

The Trust has strengthened the community team working in and around the Settle area to ensure that, where clinically appropriate, patients are cared for in their own homes.

Where people’s needs cannot be met at home care homes run by North Yorkshire County Council can be used (with appropriate nursing, therapy, palliative care input) or those needing more specialist inpatient care can be treated at Airedale General Hospital.

To support this staff from Harden ward have been redeployed across the community and intermediate care teams in Craven pending the next step i.e outcome of the options appraisal and stakeholder consultation.

The Trust is also reviewing accommodation in the Settle area for community staff based at Castleberg.

What happens next?

Together with the Trust, we will be working with patients, the local community and other stakeholders to understand their views about intermediate and palliative care.  This will feed into development of future options and options appraisal, upon which future consultation will take place.  We are currently planning how and when this will take place.  Full details about how to get involved will be shared in due course.

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and NHS Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven Clinical Commissioning Group are committed to providing high quality, clinically effective services for people living in the area.  We are committed to caring for patients in their local community and will, where possible, provide care at home.

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