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Community care services for people living in Craven (including the future of Castleberg Hospital)

We have begun a three-month consultation about the future of community care services in Craven – including the future of Castleberg Hospital.

You can read the full consultation document here an easy read version is available here

There is also a short summary of our proposals available here

The consultation encompasses community services for adults – whether in hospital or in people’s own homes – when they need rehabilitation, more support to prevent them becoming acutely unwell, or care when they are nearing, or at, the end of their life.


In April, one of these services – a 10-bedded ward at Castleberg Hospital – was temporarily withdrawn on safety grounds following ongoing issues with the power supply, heating and drainage at the Giggleswick site.

Since then additional community services (including inpatient beds in local care homes) have been provided to ensure that everyone’s health and care needs have been met. These also include services at the main acute hospital sites in Steeton and Lancaster. To extend their role as part of the community team, Castleberg’s nursing team has provided additional support to patients in their own homes.

Outcome of previous engagement and options

The CCG engaged with local people in August and September to find out what matters to them, what they need from services and the best ways of consulting them. The feedback from this engagement helped the CCG to plan the consultation, and informed the two options on which the consultation is based. These are:

A third option – to build a new facility – was discounted on the grounds of cost and, subject to agreement by the governing body tomorrow, will not form part of the consultation. The CCG has already agreed that options one and two are viable in terms of quality of care and financial sustainability.

Drop-in sessions

A series of drop-in sessions will offer an opportunity to respond to people’s questions about the proposals. At our drop-in sessions you will be able to have one-to-one or small group discussions with representatives from the NHS organisations involved in this consultation. 

You can share your views by:

At the end of the consultation period, the CCG will assess the two options against a range of criteria including people’s feedback, clinical views and each option’s fit with the CCGs strategic objectives and principles.

The consultation will run until 27 February 2018. 

We anticipate that a final decision on the future of the services will be made by our governing body in May 2018.

For details of previous (closed) consultations, please visit our previous consultations page