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The Patient Network allows you to get involved with, and influence, decisions about local health services. The network also provides an opportunity for patient groups to share good practice and support each other’s development.

The Patient Network in Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven (AWC) is being refreshed, with support from our Engaging People team.  The team are working to understand what is needed from a network and how best to support engagement.  They’ve been meeting with practice managers and patient participation group (PPG) members to provide practical advice, gather examples of good practice and find out what support is needed.

An event will be held in April 2019 to relaunch the network and bring people together from the practices, patient groups, and the voluntary community sector. More information will be posted on our events page. 

For more information, contact

PPG members from AWC are also welcome to come along to the network meetings held in Bradford.

Training for Patient Networks

We are working in partnership with Community Action Bradford and District (CABAD) to provide training to our Patient Network and patient participation groups.

Our aim is to make these groups more effective at providing the feedback we need to better develop quality services and create a system that meets our communities' needs.

Please see this document for the latest training information.

Five training workshops have been created in partnership with PPG members and the voluntary and community sector (VCS), to respond to what people told us they needed:

  1. what are PPGs all about?
  2. understanding your local NHS
  3. engagement – what do we really mean?
  4. knowing your community
  5. social media

Each session is being delivered as both a daytime and an evening session, in Bradford and in Keighley, to enable as many people as possible to take part.

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