Information for potential suppliers and providers of services

We commission health care services for our local population, and we also buy non-clinical services and goods for our organisation.

Our commissioning intentions describe our priorities and we go through the commissioning cycle to develop these priorities, develop the service specification and monitor the service once it is established.

Commissioning cycle

The AWC CCG commissioning cycle

Our procurement policy

We have a procurement policy which outlines how we commission and purchase services and goods, and this policy is in line with our ‘scheme of delegation’, which describes decision making in the CCG.

Depending on the service or product and the value of the contract, we may commission from one of our existing providers, go out to competitive tender, or use a non-competitive process, in line with regulations.

We use our website to advertise tenders or opportunities to provide services as well as Contracts Finder, which shows contracts worth over £10,000 with the government and its agencies.

Non-recurrent funding

Previously, we have used unallocated, non-recurrent (one-off) funds to finance ‘in-year’ projects that improve the health and wellbeing of local people. An in-year project means it is funded outside of the annual commissioning round.

In 2013/14, we invested over £3 million non-recurrent funds in innovative health projects. The list of projects funded can be seen here.

Conflicts of interest

We will make sure that the decisions we take are not influenced by outside or private interests. Our constitution describes how we manage conflicts of interest.

Spend over £25,000

We publish all spend over £25,000 on our website here.

Opportunities with other organisations

Other NHS organisations in the area, such as Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and Bradford District Care Trust, also tender and have opportunities to provide services and goods.

NHS Supply Chain manages the purchasing and delivery of more than 620,000 products and distributes to over 600 healthcare organisations across the country. It has a web page for suppliers.