A woman exercising with dumbbells

Obesity is a major issue nationally due to its damaging effect on health and life expectancy.

In Bradford and Airedale, around half of all adults are putting their health at risk by carrying excess weight. Excess weight and obesity are linked with a higher risk of developing a range of conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, as well as mental health problems such as low mood and depression.

Obesity occurs when your energy intake from food and drink is greater than how much energy you use through your body’s metabolism and physical activity over a long period of time.

You can help to tackle this problem by increasing your level of physical activity and reducing the number of calories in your food by having a healthy diet. There are a range of services that can help you achieve this:

Weight management support

Bradford Council offers a range of services and programmes to support you or your child to achieve and maintain a healthier weight. Our programmes run over a number of weeks and aim to achieve safe and sustainable weight change by supporting you to make small but effective lifestyle changes.

All programmes include information and guidance around healthy eating and physical activity as well as practical support in maintaining your great progress!

To see if you are eligible please call 01274 435387.

BEEP exercise referral

Bradford has an exercise referral scheme which provides exercise recommendations, advice and support to help adults aged 16+ who have a variety of medical conditions to increase their physical activity levels in a safe and effective way. Your GP or nurse can refer you into this programme if appropriate.

To see if you are eligible please call 01274 435388.

Useful websites

BCEP food co-ops – provide fresh fruit and vegetables at affordable prices in community settings. Contact BCEP on 01274 223236.

Bradford nutrition and dietetics service – advice for people on food-related problems and how to optimise their health. Also offers weight management programmes for adults and children at a number of sites in Bradford. To access these services you’ll need a referral from your GP, consultant or a health professional at your local practice.

Change4Life – eat well, move more and live well with ideas, recipes and games from Change4Life.

Healthy start – helping you to give your kids the best start in life, this website offers advice on to families receiving certain benefits on how they can get free milk, fruit, vegetables and vitamins.

NHS Choices Live Well – information on healthy eating from NHS Choices.

NHS LifeCheck – a free online health service to help you and your family improve your health. It takes just a few minutes to complete.

Ministry of Food – learn how to cook nutritious meals on a budget and understand the benefits of a healthy diet by dropping into the centre led by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, at John Street, in Bradford city centre. Contact 01274 435279.