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You may be able to find the information you are looking for in our publication scheme. We strongly encourage you to check this first before you make a written request for information. Please be aware that we can refuse a written Freedom of Information Act request if the information is readily available via our publication scheme. 

A publication scheme fosters openness in government and increases transparency of what we do, what we spend, our priorities, decisions and policies. It is also designed to improve public access to the information we hold and also makes it easier for you to find and obtain the information you need without making a written request.  

The Freedom of Information Act requires all public bodies to regularly produce and maintain a publication scheme. We review our publication scheme frequently to ensure it meets our aims and obligations. Most of the information can be accessed free of charge, however in some cases you may be charged a fee.

Classes of information

There are seven classes of information within a publication scheme for the health sector. These describe our organisation, role, priorities, governance, and how we account for expenditure.

Information not available through our publication scheme may be available on request.  Please see making a Freedom of Information or Environmental Information Regulations request for more information. 

Further information

Further details of the Information Commissioners publication schemes in general can be found on the Information Commissioner’s website.

Details of the health sector model publication scheme we have adopted can be found here. This link represents our commitment to publishing information relevant to certain classes.

Feedback and comments

If you would like to provide any feedback or comments on our publication scheme please email the Freedom of Information Lead at

You can also post feedback and comments to: Freedom of Information Lead, eMBED Health Consortium, Scorex House (West), 1 Bolton Road, Bradford BD1 4AS.