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You can receive NHS continuing healthcare in any setting, including your own home or in a care home. You are able to refer yourself or a family member to our continuing healthcare team. 

There is lots of information available about continuing healthcare on the Beacon website (partners of NHS England). This includes more detail about what continuing healthcare is and the assessment process. You can also find more information in the national framework documents for continuing healthcare and NHS funded nursing care

You can also watch the video below from NHS England which explains more about the continuing healthcare processes, inlcuding asessements. 

Personal health budgets

NHS Bradford District and Craven CCGs offer the option of a personal health budget (PHB) for people who are:

For further information regarding a PHB, please contact the integrated personalised commissioning team on: 01274 423003 or email

For further information on PHB for group d above, please contact the commissioning team at the local authority (BMDC) on: 01274 434500 or email

Contact our continuing healthcare team

Email -

Telephone - 01274 423003

Write to - Continuing Health Care, Scorex House, 1, Bolton Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 4AS