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Services we commission

We commission a wide range of services. These include planned hospital care, rehabilitation services, urgent and emergency care, most community health services, mental health and learning disability services, and family doctor (GP) services

Many of these services are provided by local NHS organisations, such as Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust. We also commission services from voluntary, not-for-profit organisations, based in the local community.

A list of the services we commission can be found here.

Services we do not commission

We do not commission services from dentists, pharmacies and opticians.  These are the responsibility of NHS England. More information about these services can be found on the NHS website.

There are also some treatments, available on the NHS, which are not routinely funded. These include:

If you require funding for treatment that is not routinely funded, your doctor can make an individual funding request (IFR) on your behalf.