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We want you to have a say in helping to shape the services we offer across Bradford, Wharfedale, Airedale and Craven.

By taking part in consultations and engagement, we get to understand your views and priorities better. This improves our decision-making when considering the full range of options available when a significant decision needs to be made.

On this page you will find the online consultations and engagement available to take part in at the moment:

Preparing for end of life care

Have you ever talked about end of life care and what would be important to you?

Health and care providers in Bradford district and Craven want to make sure that everyone in our district receives high quality care at the end of their life. To get this right, we want to understand people’s feelings about preparing for end of life – either for yourself or those closest to you.

The Engaging People team is running small discussion groups to listen to your thoughts, which will help to inform a new local plan for end of life care.

There are three focus groups planned, which will be taking place at HALE office, 1 Westgate, Shipley BD18 3QX:

Refreshments will be provided. Booking ahead of the focus groups is essential. If you wish to book a place, please email or call 01274 271088. 

We are also encouraging If you can’t attend the focus groups but still wish to have your say, please fill out the survey here.

The survey closes on 9 July 2019.

We are not the only organisation that sets up consultations or engagement on issues that may affect your health and care.

Healthwatch is running a short survey for women who are pregnant or have had a  baby in the past three years to help us better understand maternal mental health services.

Mencap is running a learning disability survey for adults in the UK.

You can visit Bradford Council's consultations page here.

North Yorkshire County Council's consultation page can be found here.

There is also information on national NHS England consultations here.

How we share information

During consultations and engagement, people tell us what matters most to them about the services involved, and we record this information. When reporting back on what people have told us, we do not share or publish any information which identifies individual responses, but may use anonymous quotes from people's answers to highlight themes. We analyse all the responses to surveys, engagement and consultation to identify important themes in what people tell us. 

For details of previous (closed) consultations, please visit our previous consultations page.