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Bradford district and Craven clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are committed to good communications and engagement. We believe that how we talk to our local community, and how we listen to what they have to say, is central to achieving our strategic objectives.

We aim to have a real understanding of what matters to local people and communities and are able to communicate our plans and priorities in an honest, open, accessible and transparent way.

We also work with other organisations to achieve a system-wide vision for people in Bradford district and Craven to be ‘happy, healthy and at home’. This creates new opportunities to join up our communications and engagement, and develop a different relationship with local people and communities.

Our draft communications and engagement strategy sets out our approach, and the principles which underpin what we do. It sets out our aims and objectives, linked to the CCGs’ overall priorities.

Our strategy has been developed by the communications and engagement teams, based on feedback from stakeholders, including patients and carers who have told us about how they want to be involved.

You can read our draft communications and engagement strategy here

Give your feedback

You can also tell us what you think about our draft communications and engagement strategy, 2018-2020. We would welcome any comments on email to