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Grassroots is a system created by the NHS Bradford District and Craven clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to bring local people’s feedback on health and wellbeing services together in one place.

Compiling experiences from a variety of sources gives us an overall picture of how well NHS-funded services are meeting the needs of our population. It also helps identify where there are trends, gaps or issues. This insight is then used to inform decisions and to help make services better.

Grassroots aims to:

This feedback is gathered from a number of places, including voluntary and community sector organisations who often represent the views of those people who are seldom heard. 

A guide to Grassroots

We have also produced a guide to how you can contribute to the picture of our local health, care and support services through Grassroots. You can read this guide here

If you are a voluntary and community sector organisation who wishes to give their feedback, you can do this using the form below.

1. Please confirm you will not include any information that makes someone identifiable. This includes people’s names and personal details etc, including health professionals, but could also be contextual detail.*

2. Which service is the feedback about?*

3. Please give details of the experience/feedback. Please include information about what happened and the impact on the person/people?*

4. Which organisation do you work for?*

5. If you would you like to be added to the mailing list to receive summaries of Grassroots feedback and how it is being used, please leave your email address.

Email 2*:

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