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Across Bradford District and Craven we have an active, vibrant voluntary and community sector (VCS) that makes a big difference to people’s health and well-being.

 VCS organisations offer the CCGs vital support to engage with local people, and get a better understanding of the realities of people’s lives and the diverse communities we serve. 

The CCGs and local authority have funded Community Action Bradford and District to develop an online community directory,  bringing together information about VCS organisations and the wide range of activities and opportunities available in Bradford District and Craven.

This directory also helps health professionals, social workers and community practitioners to connect people to activities that support their wellbeing. We work with the VCS in a number of different ways:

VCS organisations play a key role in the developing Community Partnerships and Health and Care Partnership Boards.

Representatives from VCS are equal partners, alongside statutory commissioners and providers, in many strategic partnership boards and decision making committees across Bradford District and Craven - such as the Self-Care and Prevention Board and the Mental Health Partnership Board.

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