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NHS Recruitment

We're really excited to announce the new NHS recruitment campaign to help recruit more staff into the NHS; encourage staff that have left to return; and to improve the retention of our existing staff.

The campaign will initially focus on nursing but will also highlight other roles, such as mental health and learning disabilities.

We're delighted to show off the pride that comes with working for the NHS.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled as the campaign will run across TV, radio, out of home posters, digital and social media. 

Should you be a potential recruit, you should head to the Health Careers website, where you can find information on the different roles withing the NHS and how to access them. The website also dives into training requirements and funding.

We can't wait to see the result and we hope you can join us for the conversation and in retweeting the campaign using the hashtag, #wearetheNHS.

We are the NHS 4

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