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Youth project to help shape volunteering in Bradford district and Craven

A new project has been setup for young people to shape the future of volunteering opportunities in healthcare.

Setup by the three NHS Bradford district and Craven clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), the youth participation project will explore how the local NHS can make it easier for young people to get into volunteering. It also aims to give more young people in our area the chance to volunteer and develop valuable skills for the future. 

The project was launched after the CCGs heard about the difficulties young people face in getting into volunteering role in the NHS.

Local young people are leading the project which will focus on what people want to get out of volunteering, how volunteering opportunities can be better promoted, the type of roles that people want to volunteer for and how the process can be made easier.

PRNo.58 Youth project to help shape volunteering in Bradford district and Craven

Image: young people at the first youth participation project meeting held in August 2019

Victoria Simmons, head of engagement and experience, NHS Bradford district and Craven CCGs said: “Young people have told us that they find it hard to know the routes to volunteering in the NHS and that the application process can often feel overwhelming. We need to change that so that young people start to see volunteering in the NHS as a real opportunity to make a difference and add to their skill set.

“We will be looking at the volunteering roles that we can offer young people as it’s much wider than what people traditionally think of, such as doctors and nurses. There are opportunities in administration and business functions as well as in places like GP practices which can provide young people with really valuable skills for life.

“We are also keen to make sure that we promote these opportunities to young people who might not normally think about volunteering as an option.”

Victoria adds: “The young people who are part of this project are really passionate about making sure volunteering is fun, accessible to all and meaningful. They want to spend time doing something which not only interests them but also helps the public too. We are encouraging more young people to join the project, it doesn’t matter whether you have previous volunteering experience or not, everyone can make a difference. ”

The next session will be held at the Bread and Roses café in Bradford, BD1 3HT, 10 September 2019, 5pm – 7pm. If you are interested in attending, please contact Valeeya Khizar, graduate intern and youth participation project lead, 

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