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Local Offer - support and details of activities available in Bradford and district 

The Local Offer gives children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (and their parents / carers) information about what activities and support is available in the local area. It also shows you the nearest and most suitable services, how to raise concerns, make a comment or complaint.

Further information about the local offer can be found on the Bradford and district Local Offer website or you can watch the video below which explains more about the service. 

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A - Z of health conditions

NHS Data

Support for adults with learning disabilities

Bradford District Care Trust offer a range of services which are available to adults with learning disabilities. These include a learning disabilities health support team, specialist clinics and an assessment and treatment unit. You can find more information about these services and how to access them here. 

Annual health check

People with learning disabilities aged 14 and over can have a free yearly health check at their GP surgery. It takes around 30 minutes and makes sure you are feeling well and keeping healthy. 

SEND services - for children and young people

The special educational needs and disability (SEND) specialist assessment and support service is for children and young people in Bradford. SEND is there to help if your needs cannot be met by mainstream services (even if these services provide extra support).

SEND includes:

  • special educational needs (SEN) assessment
  • children with complex health or disabilities team (social care)
  • children’s continuing health care
  • specialist personal advisors for education, employment and training.

If you would like impartial information and advice in considering a request for an assessment you can contact the Parent Partnership ServiceTo discuss a request for assessment, please call SEND services on 01274 435750.

Find local services

A - Z of health conditions

NHS Data

Support and services available in North Yorkshire 

If you live in Craven, support and services for people with learning disabilities, autism or both are provided by North Yorkshire County Council. You can find out more about these services on the North Yorkshire County Council website

NHS England - assuring transformation data and patient objections

NHS England puts information together to give better care for people with a learning disability, autism or both, they also look after services for these people. Assuring transformation data is data about people with a learning disability, autism or both who are in hospital. The data they gather helps NHS England report on whether the NHS is doing a good job on looking after people and that they are getting the right care, in the right place. 

You can download an easy read version of a leaflet which explains more about assuring transformation data and what to do if you wish to object to sharing your data. This leaflet is available on the NHS England website here